Imprisoned by Your Past

imprisonedAre you allowing yourself to be captive to your past?  Do you feel imprisoned by your past thoughts and deeds?  Perhaps you believe you have nothing to look forward toward.  STOP—take control, and stop living a life of regret.

Consider the person who is in prison—no freedom to come and go as they please, living at the mercy of those around them, separated from the outside world, limited conversation with friends and family—what motivation is there for a person living under these conditions?  Acceptance.

When we accept the mistakes we have made in our past and learn to live and grow through them, instead of allowing ourselves to swaddle in them, we are able to release ourselves from the bondage the past can have on our lives.

Yes, life can be depressing at times, however, we do not have to stay in that state of mind.  We have the option to rise above.  Look for the inspiration in your life and let it empower you to get up out of the filth of the past and SOAR.  Just as a prisoner may find inspiration in the letters they receive from those on the outside, you too, can find your inspiration.  This inspiration may be found in your children, your spouse, most importantly, your Savior.  Christ did not die for us to live a mediocre life.

Learn to count the blessings, not the curses—functioning kidneys, clothed in your “right” mind, awakened on this side of the earth—we are surrounded by wealth.  Not monetarily necessarily, nevertheless, wealth.  Break through the chained doors of your past and reclaim your present TODAY.

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