Smile—You Are on Camera (seriously, everyone has a cell phone)

smileSmiles are free.  They are free to give and free to receive.  Being around positive people is so uplifting.  Do you find yourself being positive or negative?  Perhaps you find times when you experience both sides.  Reflecting back, which one of those would you like to spend most of your time?  The negative you, or the positive you?

Moaning and groaning is not very beneficial to your health—in my opinion.  I know they always say that misery loves company and through my years I have noticed that to be true.  I realize that some days I just want to be left alone, and that is okay too.  But learn to do just that—keep the misery in a safe place—free from others.

HOWEVER, if you find that you are in a situation and are having a hard time bouncing back into the swing of things—talk to someone.  The someone could be a family member, trusted friend, or professional counselor.  Sulking regularly is not normal and there is no way in can be fun.

Let the powerful beam of sunshine on your face radiate to those around you!  Be Blessed.  Be Whole.  Be You.signature


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