Help! My Child has Abrasions, Cuts and Scratches

child-injuryWhy is it that children ALWAYS find a way to hurt themselves?  Children will experience cuts, scratches, and abrasions throughout their life.  Consider yourself truly blessed if you can avoid the broken bones or more serious ailments.  I can recall the constant “booboos” in life that just needed a little mommy kiss to make it all better.  Many times children are playing and for whatever reason, they always seem to find the splintered piece of wood or the broken glass that you thought you cleaned up in its entirety last week (sigh).  Perhaps your child is the one that always gets hurt on the playground or when the neighborhood kids are all out playing together.  Regardless of how the incident occurred, it is important to be mindful because sometimes abrasions, cuts and scratches result in dire consequences if they are not tended to properly in a timely fashion.

What is the difference?

  • Cuts are caused by sharp objects, which can penetrate the skin or damage the skin on the surface
  • Scratches are mild form of cuts, which are also caused by sharp objects such as a piece of glass, thorn, knife, or fingernails
  • Abrasions are caused by friction or rubbing of the skin with a rough surface such as rug burns

Please note that blood can occur in all these types of wounds and it may not be seen on the surface.  When the tiny blood vessels underneath the skin is ruptured, bleeding occurs.  Make sure you properly cleanse the wounded area with lukewarm water, a clean cloth, apply an antibacterial ointment (if available), and cover the area.

In the event the incident is caused by an animal or rusty metal, please seek medical attention immediately, as the animal could have rabies and the rusty metallic surface…, well, you get the picture.  Remember, parenting is a journey.  Continue to enjoy the ride!  Be Blessed.  Be Whole.  Be You. signature


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