Success—How is it Determined?


How successful are you, really?  How do you know?  Who determines your success?  Furthermore, what determines your success?  Are you measuring your success by your neighbors and those around you, or are you measuring your success by the goals you have set and worked toward achieving for yourself?

Hint—the key to success is not to measure it by the standards of the world.



Be determined not to quit.  If things do not work out the first time, try and try again.  Success is a state of mind, and I would love to help you succeed.  Today is a good day to sign up for our Wellness Program if you are looking to take things to another level in your life.  We are here for collaboration, as well as, personal, professional, and spiritual growth.  Make a decision today to grow and learn spiritually under the guidance of Rev. Ron L. Spradley.


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