Acts of Kindness

kindnessAre you seeking sincere happiness?  If so, STOP.  Learn to seek pure joy instead.  Happiness is one of those things that is predicated on something someone else does for you, whereas, joy is something you can achieve with Jesus Christ alone.  Total joy is received when one begins to give of self to others.  Wait, wait, wait…I know you think that sounds absurd.  Are you saying that I find my joy when I am doing for others? YES!

Jesus’ joy comes in serving others.  As children of His, should we not strive to follow His examples.  Now, let me get one thing clear…yes, there will be the select few who will try to take your kindness as a weakness.  Those are the ones that will need your greatest prayer—the spirit of selfishness is a sneaky little monster.


Consider partaking in random acts of kindness—pay it forward—leave an unusually higher tip at a restaurant; take a bag/box of goodies to a doctor’s office and give to front desk; volunteer in your community where there is a need; speak to people kindly.  When you partake in such acts, you will begin to feel and witness positive change in your attitude and your atmosphere.

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