Effective Recovery Tips for Addiction

addictionIf you or someone you know is in the process of recovering from an addiction, please realize and understand that this can be a long road to recovery as this is a continual process.  It is imperative that you stand strong and know that God is in control.


  • Remain productive and occupied (positively)—an idol mind is the devil’s workshop
  • Establish meaningful relationships with friends and family
  • Seek and engage in professional counseling
  • Reflect—during difficult times, this will be that constant reminder of where you do not want to be
  • New You—ask the Lord to help you and cleanse you (Psalms 51:10)
  • Pace yourself—do not try to make many changes to fast
  • Don’t give up—grow under the guidance of Christ’s teachings

You have come a very long way and it is my desire that you understand with new levels comes new devils.  This road will become very trying at times and you may find yourself wanting to fall back into that trap of addiction, especially if it has cost you dearly (i.e. family, home, job, etc.).  DO NOT fall prey to that mentality, instead seek continual growth under a Spiritual leader.  I highly recommend sitting under the guidance of Rev. Ron L. Spradley of Covenant of Grace Ministries whose focus is on “Renewing Minds, Transforming Lives, and Spiritual Solutions to Worldly Problems.”

Be Blessed. Be Whole.  Be You.

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