Food addiction?  Seriously?  Yes, this is real and unfortunately this is when even good food becomes bad.  Why is that?  It becomes a problem because it is during this time that a person allows food to become their outlet, as opposed to just addressing the true problems at hand.  Fortunately, this type of addiction is an easy recovery—recognize your stressors.  What is it that is causing you to turn to food?  Generally, it is related to some form of emotional distress that is present in your life.

When food becomes your coping mechanism, unhealthy lives and life threatening outcomes become present.  It is okay for food to be your friend, but do not make it your ONLY friend.  Remember, regardless to how healthy something may appear, in excess, it becomes detrimental to one’s state of being.

Do you find yourself secretly eating?

Are you spending the majority of your time eating “bad foods”?


Best wishes on your road to recovery and do not forget to spend quality time in prayer asking for God’s guidance in overcoming the vice which may potentially cost you your life. Be Blessed. Be Whole. Be You.

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