Gambling Addiction

gamblingDid you know that the risk of making big money out of small bucks can be addictive?  Ask anyone who is a habitual lottery player, or frequents the dog or horse races.  It seems like taking a risk with a dollar or two is not that huge a risk when the potential to make hundreds is the alternative.  Believe it or not, the stakes are unbelievably high.

When is gambling considered an addiction, more importantly, how does one recover from the situation?

Do you or someone you know spend lots of money taking risk on “getting more”, but consistently loses?  It may appear as though “luck” is on your side at first.  This is considered the great hook.  You win a few dollars, then a few hundred—before you know it you are going for the gusto—the BIG WIN.  After all, today is your day to win big!

Unfortunately, gambling comes in many forms and attracts people from all ages and walks of life.  No need to sneak out and take a chance anymore, one can just log onto the internet—this is a greater risk!  You guessed it—gambling is a do or die battle.  A gambling addiction hits home in so many different avenues because it interferes with the mental, social, emotional, and familial aspect of a person’s life.

Accepting the fact that the problem exist is critical, however, do not stop there—TAKE ACTION:

Best wishes on your road to recovery and do not forget to spend quality time in prayer asking for God’s guidance in overcoming the vice which may potentially cost you everything that means anything to you.  Be Blessed. Be Whole. Be You.signature

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